The Best Head Outside Low Single for BJJ by Nick Rodriguez

The Best Head Outside Low Single for BJJ by Nick Rodriguez

To all of us who are practicing one form of grappling or another the low single leg is just another tool in the arsenal but not so long ago in the late 1980s this move wasn’t all that common.

Low single leg became widely known after John Smith  – one of the biggest wrestling GOATs invented it. John Smith’s staggering record of 434-2-2 and 6 World Medals stand to prove his contribution to the world of grappling.

This is a technique he created in the basement of Gallagher Hall. Smith was already emerging as an exceptional wrestler and an incredible athlete to boot. Initially he was known for the high crotch lift takedown but after his competitors started adjusting so did he.

ADCC silver medalist Nick Rodriguez has taken the grappling world by storm. The division III wrestler only took up BJJ training 2 years ago, and in a record time reached the impressive silver medal at this year’s ADCC.

He earned his purple in BJJ on the podium of ADCC from his instructor, after having beaten BJJ black belt world champion Mahamed Aly and 2015 ADCC champion Orlando Sanchez.

Rodriguez has incredible agility and explosiveness for such a big man. At 230lbs he was see using the spectacular cartwheel pass multiple times at ADCC, confusing his opponents and literally jumping over their guards:

How To Do The Cartwheel Guard Pass w/ Nick Rodriguez ADCC Silver Medalist

Nick shows a great entry to the outside low single:

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