The ‘300’ Kettlebell Workout For Grapplers

The ‘300’ Kettlebell Workout For Grapplers

Written by Matt D’Aquino, a multiple Australian and Oceania Champion and a 2008 Beijing Judo Olympian. He has been studying Judo for over 23 years. He is a 3rd Degree Black belt and a black belt in BJJ. Check out his excellent website BeyondGrappling.com

Kettlebells have been around for over 100 years but unfortunately I still see them being under utilized in gyms around the world. Often we see people lining up to use the treadmills or Cross trainers while dust gathers on the kettlebells sitting quietly in the corner. As a strength and conditioning coach I encourage all my grapplers to use kettlebells on a regular basis because they are a great way to increase full body strength and power as well as develop your gas tank. They are also a great way to get a heck of a good workout in a short amount of time.

This workout is titled the 300 workout, simply because you complete 300 repetitions of various kettlebell movements. The great thing about this workout is you can scale it to suit your current fitness levels. So if you have never done it before start off with a lighter kettlebell and as you get fitter and stronger increase the weight of the kettlebell OR complete the workout with two kettlebells instead of one.

Each movement in this workout contains a skill that each and every grappler needs. For example swings develop hip and glute power which is great for single leg stability and lower body power, sprawls obviously help you defend takedowns, squats increase leg strength and the clean and press will increase your grip and shoulder strength – which is perfect for when you are doing Judo and BJJ.

The 300 Rep Workout includes:
Kettlebell swings 50 each hand (or 100 straight if you are using 2 kb’s)
KB squat 50
Sprawls 50
Clean and press 50 each hand (or 100 straight if you are using 2 kb’s)

KB swing


Hold a kettlebell in your hand and swing it back between your legs. When the kettlebell swings back (due to momentum) drive it upwards using your legs, glutes and hips. Use enough power so the kettlebell swings to about eye height, Control the kettlebell back down between you legs to complete another repetition. For a more advanced version use 2 kettlebells. If this is too easy you can perform a single hand kettlebell swing OR peform the same movement with a kettlebell in each hand.

Reps: 50 each hand (or 100 straight if you have 2 kettlebells)

KB Squat


Hold a kettlebell in what we call the ‘rack position.’ Keep your abs tight as you perform a squat. Squat as low as you can before retuning to the start position. If the squat gets hard you can either hold it with 2 hands in front of you or let it go completely. If you are after a harder squat then you can perform overhead squats as well.

Reps: 50



Sprawling is a very important skill for MMA fighters. To start out simply bend at the waist and visualize your opponent shooting for a double leg. When they shoot simply place your hands on the ground and arrive your hips into the floor. Be sure to keep your head up. Jump back up to your feet and perform another

Reps: 50

Clean and press


Hold your kettlebell in one hand and let it hang in between your legs. Make sure you palms are facing towards you. Drive up with your legs, shrug your shoulder and pull the kettlebell up to the ‘rack’ position. During this movement the kettlebell will swing up and over your hand and land sitting on the back of your wrist. Keep your abs tight, slightly bend your knees and begin pressing the kettlebell above your head.

Once you reach the top position return the kettlebell back down to your shoulder and repeat for 50 repetition. When you start to fatigue drive the kettlebell from shoulder height to the top by using your legs opposed to your shoulders.

Reps: 50 each hand (or 100 straight if you have 2 kettlebells)

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