The 10 Most Memorable Fightshorts In MMA History

The 10 Most Memorable Fightshorts In MMA History


MMA fightshorts have seen all the trends, from spandex speedos, cycle shorts, Muay Thai shorts to gi to board shorts, the UFC has seen them all. Here is a collection of the most memorable shorts in the UFC’s history:

10. Vitor Belfort’s Vale Tudo Shortsbadboyvaletudoshorts_1The famous Bad Boy Vale Tudo fight shorts worn by most of the Brazilians in the early UFCs like Vitor Belfort, Wallid Ismael, Amaury Bitteti etc…

9. Dan Severn’s Speedosdan severn

Dan the Beast Severn’s crazy wrestling suplexes marked the first UFCs and so did his shorts.

8. Tito Ortiz’s Punishment shorts


They marked Tito’s reign on the UFC Light heavyweight division before he stopped winning.

7. Brock Lesnar’s Death Cluth shorts.brock

These shorts remind us of the short but lively reign of Brock Lesnar in the UFC.

6. Matt Hughes’s Tapout Camo shorts


These were the shorts that Matt Hughes wore when he was at his peak, when he beat Royce Gracie.

5. Mirko Cro Cop’s checkered shorts


Mirko didn’t have the same career in the UFC as he did in Pride but his shorts with the checkered red and white flag of Croatia, made an impact.

4. BJ Penn’s belt rank shorts


BJJ black belt, nuff said!

3. Rich Franklin’s pink and black shorts


These shorts really stuck out and showed Franklin’s double side: the pink representing the school teacher and the black, the MMA fighter.

2. Anderson Silva’s yellow and black shorts

andersonThe G.O.A.T.

1. Chuck Lidell’s Iceman shortsiceman

These shorts mark the Iceman’s long reign at the top of the light heavyweight division.

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