Tex Johnson To Represent Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu While Sexual Assault Allegations Are Investigated

Tex Johnson To Represent Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu While Sexual Assault Allegations Are Investigated

Aron Tex Johnson changed several banners during his problematic professional career as a grappler. If you’re unfamiliar with Johnson .. well here’s what you need to know:


Johnson was a lukewarm mixed martial arts fighter by the time he reached the ranking of bjj brown belt. At that point he was representing Alliance BJJ and training out of Atlanta, Georgia. In 2014 Lucas Lepri opened a gym there and Tex quickly joined. But the union did not last – shortly after the move, he was asked to leave the team by coach Lepri. When inquired about the reasons behind the request, Johnson said “Lucas gave me two reasons for being kicked out. The first was because I was teaching jiu-jitsu down the road at a UFC Gym. Before I moved there I had told him I’d be working there and he said it was ok… (…) The second reason was that I was too aggressive during rolling” (BJJ Heroes, 10/2018).

Lepri of course never weighed in on the situation and several sources strongly suggest there’s much more to the story.

From there Johnson went to Unity. And there the story gets especially problematic. After a number of non starter superfights Tex caught his big break, sort of speak, when he leglocked both Felipe Pena and Jackon Sousa in the same night.

The positive limelight barely lasted a blink before some major accusations against Tex surfaced – this led to him promptly being asked to leave Unity.

 Aaron “Tex” Johnson’s days at Unity have come to an end after startling accusations against him surfaced from  fellow Unity bjj student.

The incident in question took place around the same time as Kasai 5 where Felipe Pena got subbed by the alleged assaulter.

NY based artist Jennifer Strings wrote a graphic post about Tex’s alleged misdeeds – which actually line up with his weird entry to rehab.

In addition to this Unity BJJ has kicked him out after the victim went to gym staff:

Strings has since taken her accusation offline due to a pending criminal case against Tex – one she is quite determined to see through.

As of right now Johnson is invited to ADCC being one of the American trials winners but should he be prevented from making travel arrangements ADCC will likely issue one more invite for his division.

Among the particularly worrisome is that the victim believes this is not the first time Johnson had sexually assaulted somebody and is urging all people with any information to come forward and contact the NY Special Victims Unit.

Of course everyone assumed he would be joining that one particularly shady team he was trying to attract by copying their social media tactics. But in spite of Johnson’s briefly claimed notoriety they did not bite.

Fast forward to mid May and Tex all proudly posted:

Apparently IBJJF was on board the Tex train.. after all their registrations numbers were dwindling thanks to inept promotional skills.

Tex’ will instead be representing the Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu. This, according to Johnson himself, came after a personal request to Saulo Ribeiro (as confirmed by bjjheroes). Reddit bjj was the first to break the news.