Teddy Riner Claims 10x World Judo Championship Gold

Teddy Riner Claims 10x World Judo Championship Gold



The French superstar Teddy Riner affirmed his dominance once again. Je managed to win the opening bout against Iurii Krakovetskii of Kygyzstan he had a chance to show his metal in only the second round as he faced his biggest challenger Georgia’s Guram Tushishvili.


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Tushishvili – current European champion was seen as the biggest possible hinderance for Riner’s legacy but with him out, Riner easily swept aside Jaballah of Tunisia throwing for waza ari and then holding for an ippon win.


His nextmatch saw him face off against Mongolia’s Temuulen Battulga.


He slid by only to face off against Cuba’s Granda.

In the finale he went up against Nikiforov:

Riner said: “It’s true that it’s a different style because there were a range of different weight classes.

“But I am so incredibly happy, because never in my life would I have thought that I would be ten times world champion.

“When I started doing judo, I never thought I would have been a world champion even once. It’s also the ‘all categories’ event, it’s the most prestigious Judo title and I’m proud to have won. “

source: euronews.com

Judo champion David Douillet talked about Riner’s achievements:

Douillet described Riner’s achievements in the sport as “fantastic”.

He said: “It’s fantastic for Teddy but also for French judo, I’m so happy to have a boy like Teddy in our ranks and that French judo is coming out on top at every world competition.

“It’s so important, it’s rare to have athletes like that. Teddy is one of the best in the history of world judo.”

Earlier this year IJF put out a paid add when irked with all the Conor McGregor Mayweather hype.

International Judo Federation has long harbored disdain for MMA but they’ve recently made it public that even though the whole world was gearing to watch McGregor – Mayweather their very own Teddy Riner is by far more dominant.

In fact they felt so secure they even ponied up and sponsored the post:

This is just another step in the war IJF has waged on MMA. As they’ve done things in the past by labeling MMA fighters as stupidproposed bans for judokas teaching MMA, and even tried creating Mixed JuJitsu Arts.


Jean-Luc Rouge, General Secretary of the IJF and President of the French Judo Federation (FFJDA), who in an interview with L’Equipe TV  said :

“These new combat sports (MMA) seem like they come out of a video game. These guys are stupid enough to kill each other in front of everyone in a cage and they are well paid, so they would accept. Sport is not war! We must be able to shake hands and go have a beer together in the end, “he said

In fact such influences prompted the star himself, Teddy Riner to pipe in:

“Fighting in a cage doesn’t appeal to me,” Riner said, according to Cheng of the Associated Press. “There is no moral code in MMA. I am a warrior on the tatami, but you always have to respect your opponent.”

IJF Blasts MayMac, Calls Riner “Most Dominant Fighter in the World”