Team 10th Planet Wins Quintet 2

Team 10th Planet Wins Quintet 2

Team 10th Planet has pulled off an impressive triumph at Quintet’s official second event.



Each team has 5 members

Total team weight must not exceed 430kg


Winner is decided only by submission

No judge decisions

Each match is 10 minutes long

A competitor weight difference of 20kg or over means 5-minute matches

Fighters must wear rashguards

If a winner is not decided after all 5 members have fought, an extension match between each teamʼs first choice will follow. This will continue until there is a winner.

No heel hooks or closed guard

featured teams were:

In round 1 team 10th planet scored a victory over team Vagabond. There was a number of draws that ended up taking out many fighters from the round however it wasn’t all draws in round one of quintet.

Over on the other side of the bracket team tiger muay thai got taken out by team reebok with notable subs from Ghana’s Haisam Rida :

Rida’s kneebar at #quintet2

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Rida was tapped out by Geo in the finals where team Reebok met team 10th Planet

@boogeyman_tfs darces Sakuraba 🔥#team10p

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@quintet_pr #team10p

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More moments from quintet:

More of #quintet2

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Fun turnovers from #quintet2 . Which one of these is your favorite: 1, 2 or 3?

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