Tammi Musumeci Talks About Her Brother, Mikey: “He Helped Me A Ton”

Tammi Musumeci Talks About Her Brother, Mikey: “He Helped Me A Ton”

Tammi Musumeci is one of the most successful female BJJ competitors in the world.
A 5x black belt world champion, she will also be making her ONE Championship debut on March 24 – in a match against Bianca Basilio.

So how did Musumeci become so successful? Well, she started training and competing at a very young age:

I started [competing] when I was 7 or 8. Just local tournaments. I didn’t have as much success competing early on. I feel like I got better over time.

I competed against, I’d say, 99 per cent guys up until I was a 16-year-old.

And yes – she trained with her brother, Mikey Musumeci, ever since they were kids… And they still continue to train together, to this day:

We’ve always been partners. We’re still training partners.

We’d train at different gyms, but we’ve always trained with each other on the side as well by ourselves, which I felt helped me a ton because he’d work with me even when he was a blue belt or a kid.

It’s that consistency that Tammi believes had made them into such successful competitors today:

He’d always show me what he was working on, so we’ve always worked together, and I feel like that’s what made us pretty successful, because we were consistently training partners.


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