Sweep Much Bigger Opponents With This Effortless Sweep From Half Guard

Sweep Much Bigger Opponents With This Effortless Sweep From Half Guard

Jiu Jitsu, the game of human chess. Grappling is considered by many one of the most difficult sports to master. Learning moves generally require a combination of intelligence, timing, coordination and physical attributes.

A common way to classify moves is high percentage and low percentage. High percentage means techniques that have a high success rate. They are usually the most often seen techniques in competitions and sparrings. Lots of examples to be given here. Think of the armbar, triangle choke, hip bump sweep, etc. These are all tried and effective and likely form the base of most competitors.

Low percentage moves are moves that generally are very situational in that they require a very specific and rare reaction from your opponent and/or are rarely seen in competition. They may also require a greater degree of attributes. That does not mean it doesn’t work. It just means they are considerably harder to pull off than the high percentage techniques.

This a high percentage effortless simple sweep that requires very little effort and works on very large opponents. Swiss black belt Philippe Pomaski, a 2 time IBJJF world champion demonstrates the move that he has used since he was a blue belt.

How To Sweep Bigger Guys With The Half Guard That Actually Works Better Against Heavier Opponents Without A Gi

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