Superior Grip Toe Hold by Bernardo Faria & Ian McPherson

The toe hold is a powerful submission using a ‘kimura’ grip on the opponent’s foot and putting a big torque. We are often taught the technique with emphasis being put on grabbing the the end of the foot and toes. Ian McPherson, and Aliiance black bet and former brown belt world champion shows an interesting variation that is actually much more powerful.

Ian grabs the heel and pushes the foot with his own forearm. Bernardo Faria was impressed.

Check out the video:

Learning the leg attack game is a smart thing to do if you want to pursue the no gi, sub only game. Learning this game will give you an advantage of the standard points seeking fighter. So don’t be a fool, and start picking up leg entanglements and attacks. If you really want to improve this part of your game, then you need to check out Craig Jones new DVD Set “Down Under Leg Attacks.”  Craig Jones is quickly becoming one of the biggest superstars in bjj due to his outstanding performance at ADCC 2017 in Finland where he was able to submit Leandro Lo.  He recently competed at an EBI and submitted everyone on his way to the finals via inside sankaku heel hook.  He almost got the king, Gordon Ryan in an arm lock in the finals but fell short!

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