Super Tight Choke From Williams Guard by Neil Melanson

Super Tight Choke From Williams Guard by Neil Melanson

The shoulder pin guard aka the Williams guard is a great option which you can use from the closed or half guard. You have countless option using the overhook and from there are as triangles, omoplatas, chokes, etc.. What makes this unique is how tight this guard is. This is especially useful in No Gi. It is very difficult for your opponent to posture up let even escape…

Neil Melanson shows a nasty choke from the Williams guard which your opponent won’t expect.

The Williams guard was popularized by Shawn Williams, a black belt under Renzo Gracie. He received his black belt on the same day as the great John Danaher.

He is known for his guard system, “The Williams Guard.” which is a position of control that can be heavily utilized from the closed guard.

The Williams Guard emphasizes control, timing, sweeps, and submissions.

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