Submission Underground 5 Misfires

Submission Underground 5 Misfires



The 5th edition of the Chael Sonnen sub only event went on last night without much fanfare. What might surprise you is that the event featured plenty of talent even though it failed to promote it. The ADCC star in the making Craig Jones was featured on the card and did not disappoint. However due to a lack of promotion and publicity it went largely under the radar.


In the main event of the evening AJ Agazarm dueled Phil Baroni. Agazarm came in strong, fresh off of his ADCC silver in the 66kg division. Baroni survived the initial initiative by Agazarm but due to somewhat worse conditioning he was forced to tap out in the Overtime by Rear Naked Choke. Baroni tried to return the favor and score his own armbar submission but as ADCC proved Agazarm is not one to give even an inch.

Main Card results:

Sarah Kaufman v Amanda Diggins
Winner – Diggins by armbar in the first overtime round

Phil Baroni v AJ Agazarm
Winner – Agazarm by rear naked choke in the first overtime round

Andrew Alexander v Joe Baize
Winner – Alexander by heel hook

Craig Jones v Ben Egli
Winner – Jones by heel hook


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