Stuck In Quarantine? Here Are 5 BJJ Things You Can Do To Stay Motivated

Stuck In Quarantine? Here Are 5 BJJ Things You Can Do To Stay Motivated

Depending on where you live, there’s a possibility that you’ve already spent a couple of weeks in a self-imposed quarantine, isolated and being away from your BJJ academy; away from Jiu Jitsu classes. How much longer will this last for? There’s no definite answer… But that doesn’t mean that you should just lay down and do nothing!

There are tons of BJJ-related things that you can do while in the quarantine. That you should do; so that, when your academy re-opens, you can just pick up where you left off – or be a couple of steps in front.



Look, just because there’s no definite end date in sight (so far) to the Coronavirus crisis, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be on the mats ever again! Don’t lose hope; this, as all bad things, will pass. And then, when it passes, you’ll be looking at it as if it were some sort of a weird, disturbing dream.

So, while this „quarantine dream“ lasts, don’t lose motivation and focus from your own BJJ dreams! Remind yourself, regularly, that the day when you’ll slap and bump fists with your training partners will be here sooner than later. Whenever you notice your desire waning, remind yourself why you started Jiu Jitsu in the first place; remind yourself of those sweet moments of success, of laughter with your training partners, of funny failures… Simply, remember that BJJ will always be here for you – if only you decide to persist.



Now that you have more time at your disposal, it might be a good idea to take a notebook and a pen; and to write down a line or two about your Jiu Jitsu journey. Go „inside“ and scribble your thoughts: how do you feel about your BJJ progress so far? Are you satisfied with it? Why?
Are there things that you could do better – such as paying more attention, drilling with more focus and being more aggressive when rolling? What can you do in order to become a better jiujiteiro?

In other words, examine your BJJ and figure out what you could improve to be better in it.



This is no excuse to let yourself go and to stop worrying about your fitness. Sure, you can’t roll with your training partners, but there’s a lot of stuff that you can do!

You could make your very own grappling dummy and drill some moves. If you live with a family member or with a significant other that are willing to let you practice passing their guard, then do it. Do solo drills. Maintain your fitness by doing bodyweight exercises. Use weights as well, if you have them. Practice yoga.
Just do something! It doesn’t have to be big, just start out slow; it will beat sitting on a couch every time.



Get analytical about BJJ techniques; search for the ones you like on Youtube or find instructionals that explain them. Then, take notes on the details that make them work and visualize yourself performing them in class.
If you do this regularly, once you hit the mats your Jiu Jitsu will be a lot better than before.



BJJ gives so much, and it’s time for you to give back. And what better way to do so, other than to educate yourself about it: to read about its history, its most influential figures and to watch great Jiu Jitsu movies?
You can also watch BJJ documentaries – here are two fantastic classics!