Struggles of a Female BJJ White Belt: Sweaty & Hairy Guys, Smelly Gis

Struggles of a Female BJJ White Belt: Sweaty & Hairy Guys, Smelly Gis

Sweaty guys, hairy chests, smelly Gis, and close spaces.

Your academy certainly has the perfect ingredients to scare away every woman in town.

That’s right! Jiu-Jitsu can certainly be intimidating or simply gross for women looking to try out a new activity. If you do not consider these factors when marketing your gym; then you are already losing 50% of your possible new source of students.

Girls can be phenomenal at Jiu-Jitsu; some will even rip your arm off if you do not tap soon enough. So the goal is that we expand from here, and that your academy becomes appealing to everyone in your area; and not just meatheads!

In order to dig a little deeper behind the mindset of a new comer, we ran a few questions to Ms. Angela; a White Belt who began training under American Top Team St. Pete since December of 2017.

– Where did you first hear about Jiu-Jitsu?

A friend started training and said it changed his life. He proceeded to tell me how helpful it can be for females, especially smaller females. I’m 5’1 so I fell right into that category.

– Why were you interested?

After hearing how beneficial it is for someone like myself, I knew it was something new that not only would help me protect myself but also stay in shape.

– What was the tipping point to make that phone call?

I was offered a free one week trail at a gym.

– Do you remember your first day? What did you feel walking into the gym? Were you intimidated?

I remember my first day like it was yesterday. I walked in not knowing one person, but the vibe in the gym is what kept me there. Everyone treats everyone like family, they were all one team and the bond between everyone really made me want to come back. Everyone was very welcoming and wanted to see me grow. I never felt intimidated, maybe a bit nervous while doing certain drills but it was only because they were so new to me. Knowing that everyone wants everyone to grow kills the nerves for sure!

– You are now 6 months into Jiu-Jitsu, how would you describe your journey?

I crave the gym. It’s different than running on a treadmill or doing dead lifts. Every class is new and exciting! Not to mention the feeling you get after submitting your training partner with a move you learned and have been practicing is beyond rewarding.

– What would you say to other females considering jiu-jitsu?

Make that first step – WALK INTO THE GYM, check it out, feel the vibe. You’ll almost know right away whether that specific gym is right for you. When I first started at my gym I was one of three girls. That didn’t worry me or make me feel uncomfortable. When everyone at the gym is like family, it makes it extremely comfortable. Jiu Jitsu is a very close contact sport and you’re not always going to drill or roll with another girl so as long as you’re okay with training with the opposite gender you’ll be fine! I personally like drilling with guys because in my mind if I were to be attacked on the street, chances are – its not going to be a girl. So getting comfortable with close contact combat with a male is what really makes me prepared for anything dangerous or uncomfortable life might throw at me.