Stop Opponent’s Breathing With This Gnarly BJJ Mount Attack

Stop Opponent’s Breathing With This Gnarly BJJ Mount Attack

The Mount position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an extremely domineering one – it’s second only to taking the opponent’s back. However, it can be quite difficult to land submissions from there; especially as your training partners and opponents gain more experience.
But, that doesn’t mean that you should forego this position. Rather, it means that you need to learn and truly drill in a Mount attack or two deep inside your muscle memory, so that you can become dangerous from this position as well.

Bernardo Faria recently published a video with John Danaher, in which he demonstrates a gnarly BJJ attack, one that you’ll love… One, that your opponents will either tap out to – or panic against and make costly mistakes.



The first thing you need to do is isolate the opponent’s arm. Danaher explains that you need to do this by cross-griping the opponent’s arm (grip both their wrist and hand). Then, push that arm down to the mat by “leading the way” with your head and dropping your elbow down to their chest first, thus “peeling” the arm towards the mat more than really pushing it down.
Once you’ve done this, you’ll have their tricep muscle exposed. Shoot underneath it for an underhook and lift their arm so that you may slide in your other arm underneath their upper back and grab their armpit.

From there, start walking your arm up, like you’re going for the Arm Triangle. However, in this case, once the opponent’s tricep muscle goes over their shoulder line, you’ll grab their head and then “roll” their shoulder over.
Now, get into the high Mount position and start pushing your forehead down to the mats, while your chest go over the top of their nose and mouth.

This will make them panic and react in ways that’ll give you submission opportunities. And if they don’t do anything, they’ll tap out.
John Danaher explains this in great detail on the video below: