Squat Everyday: 50 Reasons to Do 50 Squats a Day

Squat Everyday: 50 Reasons to Do 50 Squats a Day

Hello! Wake up and take note of the benefits of why you should squat everyday. If you don’t know why, we’ve provided 50 good reasons.

Did you know that only a small percentage of Americans live a healthy lifestyle? After all, recent studies show that only about 3% of people in the country live healthily.

It’s a sad reality, but it doesn’t mean it’s too late to start living healthy.

Regardless of your age, gender, and fitness goals, you need to squat every day. It doesn’t benefit your legs alone since it makes your entire body better. It helps you lose pounds while maintaining mobility and speed.

Here are some of the benefits of squats:

Physical Benefits

Here are some of the physical benefits of doing squats every day:

1. Develop Hard Glutes

2. Get Better Quad Strength

3. Grow Stronger Hamstrings

4. Build the Strength and Size of the Calves

5. Increase Height of Jumps

6. Better Core Strength

7. Burn Fat

8. Improve Blood Circulation

9. Dispose of Cellulite

10. Increase Overall Flexibility

11. Prevent Injuries by Improving Body Elasticity

12. Get better Posture

13. Less Exhaustion due to Low Impact Exercise

14. Aids in Bodily Waste Removal

15. Build Better Bones and Joints

16. Get Better Balance and Mobility

17. Better Rate of Libido for Men

18. Increase Speed when Doing Runs

19. Make the Body Produce More Hormones

20. Reinforces Good Motor Patterns When Exercising

21. Better Leg Shape

22. Helps Make Leg Activities Easier and Safer

23. Decrease Body Aches in the Long Run

24. Boosts Overall Body Performance

25. Increase Body Power

Psychosocial Benefits

Aside from the physical, you can gain psychological and social benefits when you squat every day. Here are some of the things you need to look out for:

1. Cheap and Doesn’t Need Expensive Equipment

2. There are a lot of Squat Types

3. You Can Do Squats Anywhere

4. Great Humbler or Equalizer

5. Improves Overall Mood

6. Reduce Daily Stress

7. Improves Ability to Cope with Stress

8. Better Self-Esteem

9. The Feeling of Pride in Physical Accomplishments

10. Increases Self-Satisfaction

11. Increases Positive Emotional Energy

12. Improves Physical Ability Confidence

13. Decrease Symptoms of Depression

14. Helps with Sleep Problems

15. Boost Happy Chemicals Production

16. Makes Outdoors More Enjoyable

17. Prevents the Decline of Cognitive Functions

18. Relieves Anxiety

19. Boosts the Brain’s Mental Capacity

20. Sharpens Memory

21. Helps in Controlling Addictive Behaviors

22. Increase Relaxation

23. Helps Increase Creativity

24. Inspire Other People

25. Aids in Getting Other Important Things Done

How to Do Proper Squats

With all these benefits, you might want to start doing squats whenever you can. But it’s important to remember that you’ll only get all these advantages if you do it right. That’s why you need to ensure that you have the proper form when you do your squats.

Here are the steps needed for a proper squat:

Step 1

Stand tall and put your hands by your sides. Make sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart. Your toes should point forward to ensure you have proper form.

Step 2

As you maintain a straight back and a tight core, push your hips all the way back. Make sure to bend your knees, pushing your body down until your thighs are horizontal and parallel to the ground. It’s like trying to sit—push your butt back as if you’re lowering your body onto a bench.

Always remember not to bend forward at the waist. Doing that will increase the stress surrounding your spinal area. With that, you might get off-balance.

Step 3

Make a short pause. Once you’re done, push your body back up. That will put you back to the starting position.

How to Do Squats with Weights

As soon as you master proper basic squats, you can start learning more. If you do other variations of squats, you can grow your muscles better. Keep the basic one as your go-to exercise, but you can learn the following to improve your exercise:

1. Dumbbell Squat

This type of squat requires you to hold a pair of dumbbells at arms’ length by your sides. This is the only difference between the basic squat. Otherwise, you can follow the same steps as stated above.

2. Bulgarian Split Squat

In this type of squat, you need to stand while facing away from the bench. Hold the dumbbells at arms’ length by your sides. As soon as you’re done, you can place your left foot’s toes on the bench.

Make sure to keep your torso upright while lowering your body. Continue until your right thigh is parallel to the ground. It’s important to ensure that your left knee won’t touch it.

Finally, make a pause and push back up. That will put you back to your starting position. To make the most out of it, do equal reps on both of your legs.

3. Dumbbell Goblet Squat

Hold a dumbbell and hold it vertically at the front of your chest. Use both of your hands to cup the top end. Your feet should be slightly wider than the usual shoulder-width.

Push your hips back while keeping your elbows pointing down and your back flat. Lower your body until the ground is parallel to your thighs. You need to ensure that your elbows are touching the insides of your knees.

Do you need help with your fitness routines? If so, you can try using FitOn. It’s a fitness app that helps you get a huge variety of workouts from trainers. It also gives you a personalized exercise plan to achieve your goals.

Don’t Wait, Squat Every Day!

If you’re still on the fence whether you need to squat every day, you can use this list. It helps you stay determined since you know the physical and psychosocial benefits of this exercise. It’s a good starting point to ensure that you know what you’re getting from it.

But it’s important to take note that your diet will also affect your fitness progress. Make it a point to eat healthy while doing these exercises.

Did you find this guide interesting? If so, read more of our posts and learn more.

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