Smooth & Unstoppable Float Pass From 6X ADCC Vet Nicolas Renier

Smooth & Unstoppable Float Pass From 6X ADCC Vet Nicolas Renier

In grappling sports, hips are arguably the most important part of the body. The powerful hip muscles together with the surrounding legs and lower back are where the majority of the power comes for most escapes.

In the new video below, Luta Livre & BJJ black belt Nicolas Renier shows aus a beautiful floating pass that he used with mastery when he defeated the legendary Baret Yoshida at ADCC.

By switching the hips, one frees one of their thighs from the elevating hook. Also by turning to the side makes one heavier and brings them to the mat more quickly rather than being able to be held up and floating in mid-air until the opponent decides to dump us.

Luta Livre black belt Nicolas Renier is arguably the most accomplished No Gi Grappler in Europe, having been Fila World Grappling champion, and being the only European to participate in 6 ADCCs. He teaches in Paris, in his club called NRFight Club.

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Baret Yoshida actually commented on the video since he was so impressed:

That pass was unstoppable very quick very smooth.i never saw it coming but also it felt like Nicolas was the master of it 🤙

To which Nicolas Renier answered:

Thank you for your word my friend, I hope one day to understand how you got me in your famous crucifix in 2011.

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