Smart Technology Rashguards in Development

Smart Technology Rashguards in Development

Smart Technology Rashguards are currently in Development

RollTec rashguard is the first ever wearable tec for grapplers. It gathers information from a motion sensor inside the rashguard.

This brilliant development is wireless and delivers the data about your session to your cellphone. It primarily tells you which grappling positions you’ve spent most time in a singular roll and long term tracking.

The app is supposed to give you suggestions on how to improve but that part seems the most problematic because, as of now, the sensor can distinguish only between: Mount, Side Control, Guard and Back control.

While the technology certainly isn’t flawless it does make one wonder: Will this type of innovation be the future of grappling? Objective estimates of dominant versus submissive positions are certainly useful for a sport that often uses the “Position over Submission” tagline.


If you’re interested in supporting this endeavour and further development you can pledge your support on their kickstarter page.

Awards for supporters include the book “Beginner’s guide to BJJ”, Digital Grappling Online training tool with unlimited membership, Rolltec Rashguard (if you pledge 89$ plus shipping), A chance to vote on the final design, A chance to engrave your initials on your sensor case and for more than 600$ you would be able to choose one technique video featured on the app.

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