Sketchy Looking Self Defense Video Is Still Online And Authors Have Responded

Sketchy Looking Self Defense Video Is Still Online And Authors Have Responded



A certain video that might as well be titled how to get murdered has been making rounds on the internet. The video comes from tech insider and features “self defense expert” Gabrielle Rubin

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In a fascinating video she shared a series of nicely named useless tech that might as well be called stuff that will annoy your attacker just enough to have him go apes*it.

Firstly, let’s start with her advice not to fight the hand around the neck, in what she incorrectly calls a chokehold. She gets something right here: You don’t want to fight the forearm in an actual choke attempt. But you also just can’t ignore a choke around your neck – because you will get put to sleep really fast if the person choking you knows what they’re doing (and you obviously don’t).

Key moment should be to fight the wrist or the hand and prevent hands from connecting. You really don’t want them to either clasp hands for a short coke or grab the bicep for an rns.

She then executes some sloppy striking which is going to stop exactly 0 serious altercations.

Lastly she’s mentioned how you don’t need to run – which is in essence complete nonsense that can get you murdered. Getting out safely and quickly should always be a priority.

Rubin has since responded to the critics telling middleeasy:

 “I just want to get back to teaching women how to be smarter and safer on the streets of New York. My goal is not to interfere with those teaching MMA and Brazilian jujitsu. Nor do I ever profess that this is all they would need to do,” Rubin told Middle Easy.

Gabrielle also said that she refers women to “formal” martial arts training after their first class. Which is at least.. something.

Most of the self defense she offers – and yes some videos she charges for- from $1.99-$7.99, she advocates for the escalation of violence and seems to hint that the moves she teaches will end an altercation entirely. Her martial arts preference appears to be krav maga.


Here’s an interesting bjj breakdown of her video:


IF you want to  try her advice just to humor her: