SJJIF Worlds Promising To Be One Of The Most Exciting Events of the Year

SJJIF Worlds Promising To Be One Of The Most Exciting Events of the Year



Sport Jiu-Jitsu International Federation is on a mission!

The SJIIF was originally founded with the mission to take the sport of Jiu-Jitsu to the Olympics, the federation has grown the sport bjj by both hosting tournaments and promoting the bjj lifestyle for people around the globe.




SJJIF has always aimed to promote Brazilian jiu-jitsu through the community and events – all so the level of knowledge grows and the lifestyle becomes all-consuming. In fact the SJJIF has high hopes. They aspire to benefit and enable the growth of the sport in order to organize it and meet the requirements of International Olympic Committee. They aspire to achieve this thanks to easier rules that enable better understanding by both professionals and spectators.


SJJIF was founded in June 2011 by professors Joao Silva, Patricia Silva, Samuel Aschidamini, Cleiber Maia and  Edison Kagohara. First international SJJIF Worlds took place just a couple of years ago (2013) at the Long Beach Pyramid in Long Beach, California.



Naturally such an organization has the support and the participation of many esteemed black belts. List of past SJJIF Worlds competitors includes boy wonder Keenan Cornelius, Baret Yoshida, Gabriel Arges, Gustavo Elias, Sean Roberts and others. 




The SJJIF was the first Jiu-Jitsu Federation to organize a Jiu-Jitsu Community event where all members of the federation were invited to attend seminars for free hosted by top blackbelts, such as well known world champion Leticia Ribeiro, Lucas Leite, Renan Vital and many more.

The 2016 SJJIF World Jiu-Jitsu Championship will be held November 11th through 13th at StubHub Center in Carson, California, inside of the Velo Sports Center. 

And it will encompass all Ages, Belts and Skill Levels!


SJJIF World Jiu-Jitsu Championship 
Gi & NoGi
November 11th-13th*, 2016
All Ages, All Belts & Skill Levels
StubHub Center–VELO Sports Center
*subject to be a 2-day event





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