Single Leg to Double Leg: Takedown Transition You Have to Learn

Single Leg to Double Leg: Takedown Transition You Have to Learn

None of the techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are standalone ones. Meaning, you can’t do nor learn just “one” technique and expect yourself to win… Instead, you’ve got to learn a number of different moves – and understand how to tie them together – in order to make progress in the Gentle Art.
For instance, learning how to transition from Single Leg to the Double Leg takedown!



If you’ve been training for some time, you know how well Armbars and Triangles go together. When one is defended, you probably have an opening for the other technique. And it’s the same thing with the Single Leg to Double Leg transition.

For example, when you go from the High Crotch to a Single Leg takedown setup, a lot of your training partners (especially the more experienced ones) will defend by doing something rather simple; they’ll post their shin to the outside of your leg. And this can make it really difficult to finish the takedown.
In those moments, why stay persistent with the Single Leg – when you can go for the Double Leg?

Simply shift your other arm underneath their leg, post your ear against their upper ribcage so that your forehead points to the outside; grab the outside of their other knee and drive into them by taking quick sidesteps.
Watch Professor Joey Alvarado demonstrating this transition on the video below:

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