Shut Down Any Berimbolo Attempt

Shut Down Any Berimbolo Attempt

The Berimbolo, whether you like it or not, when done correctly by someone who is very good at it,  is extremely hard to stop. Some people simply will refuse to learn it or even do it. That’s understandable, but you should at least know how the technique so that you can understand how to defend and even counter it.

Many people see the Berimbolo as a new school technique but the actual fact is that the berimbolo is not new:

‘Berimbolo’ Used in Kosen Judo Way Back in 1950’s

You have many options when it comes to stop and even counter the Berimbolo.

For example, Tom DeBlass likes to leglock guys who try to berimbolo him:

Counter Their Berimbolo With Leg Locks with Tom DeBlass

BJJ black belt Alec Baulding shows a proven way to stop the Berimbolo. Baulding qualified for the 2019 ADCC by winning the North American trials and is currently the instructor at Valhalla Academy in Sweden.

Check it out:


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