Should You Use The “Regular” Rear Naked Choke In The Gi?

Should You Use The “Regular” Rear Naked Choke In The Gi?

Quick question: what do you think, should you use the “regular” – i.e. no collar grip – Rear Naked Choke while rolling in the gi?
Should it be preferable to the collar choke-type setup?

Don’t worry, you’re not the first (nor the last) to ask that question.
John Danaher says that you could use this type of a choke… But it’s far from a preferable one:

It’s not wrong to use naked strangles when using a gi, you’ll see it done occasionally even at high levels, but it’s not optimal.

Collar strangles by their very nature are inherently more efficient than even the best naked strangles.
The collar is the perfect strangle implement.

It is like using a purpose designed tool to complete a task rather than an improvised tool – they’ll both do the job, but one does the job much better.

So, what you should do is train yourself to use the gi when applying the choke.
Danaher emphasizes that this will teach you to incorporate your bodyweight and leg strength into the technique.

Plus, there’s an additional advantage over the no-gi variation:

In addition the collar penetrates the opponent’s defensive jaw positioning far better than your forearm ever could.
It’s there – it’s better – use it.


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