Should You Chase Perfection In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Should You Chase Perfection In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

You want to get better, you want to improve as much as you can… And yeah, you want to come as close to perfection as possible – but should you really strive for that?

That is, should perfection be your goal? Could that be good or bad for you and your BJJ game?
John Danaher understands that it can go both ways:

Chasing perfection in technique is a path to both heaven and hell. The closer you get, the better your performance.

It can come at a heavy price however, the desire for perfection can paralyze action when athletes keep waiting for that perfect opportunity for the perfect technique that just never arrives, or hold back from trying a move for fear that it won’t be perfect.

So, Danaher’s advice is that you should chase perfection… But that this chase shouldn’t stop you from actually attempting things in training and competition:

 Make sure the chase for perfection plays a positive role in your development rather than a negative one.

Relentlessly pursue ideal form in drilling and do your best to replicate that sense of perfection in sparring and competition, but temper this with the understanding that it doesn’t need to be perfect – just better than your opponent’s ability to defend it.


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