Should You Be Able To Perform BJJ Techniques Equally On Both Sides?

Should You Be Able To Perform BJJ Techniques Equally On Both Sides?

There’s probably a good number of Jiu-Jitsu techniques that you can perform better on one side than on the other.
But should you able to do the techniques with the same quality on both sides? Or is focusing on that a waste of time?

John Danaher explains that you should be able to do the technique equally on both your left and right side – when it comes to defense:

In the case of defensive moves where the opponent chooses which side he attacks, you ought to be ambidextrous with your moves.

So for example, in the case of escapes from side pins, you ought to be equally adept on both sides since your opponent may attack from either.
If you can only perform escapes from side pins on your right side and he pins you on your left – you’re in trouble – so practice on both sides.

But when it comes to the techniques that are more on the offensive end…
It’s alright to be average on one and an expert on the other side:

Remember that for most moves it’s better to be truly excellent on one side than average on both sides.

The human body itself is not symmetrical and in most cases, neither will be your jiu jitsu – most of all – make sure you are not AMBISINISTROUS – which is a little known word that denotes someone who is completely unskilled on BOTH sides!


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