Shotgun & Reverse Armbars From Side Control – Here’s How To Set Them Up

Shotgun & Reverse Armbars From Side Control – Here’s How To Set Them Up

Side Control is, for many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students, their favorite position. And deservedly so, as it’s perhaps the safest one to hold and as it has a number of attacking options at its disposal.
However, you need a subtle change in your way of thinking about Side Control if you want to make the best out of it. John Danaher explains.



John Danaher emphasizes that a lot of BJJ students – especially those who’re just starting out – favor Side Control over other positions because of its stability. That is to say, they’d rather hold Side Control than Mount, as their training partners can off-balance them and escape Mount much more easily than it is the case with Side Control.
But focusing on Side Control just from the perspective of it being a pin isn’t going to cut it if you want to improve. Rather, Danaher explains that your focus ought to be on using Side Control as a vehicle for submissions… Because there are so many of them that you can hit from there!

With that said, you should also realize that there is an intermediary step in-between the position and submission when it comes to Side Control.

In Side Control? Good. You have plenty of attacking options, including the dreaded Shotgun Armbar… And the Reverse Armbar as well!

Here’s how to set up both of them, as shown by Firas Zahabi:

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