Shinya Aoki Has 5 Submissions From Back Control To Show You

Shinya Aoki Has 5 Submissions From Back Control To Show You

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Back control in grappling is a very powerful position which gives you an infinite amount of submissions.

You may have watched the last ADCC world championship and seen how many matches where finished from the back.  The infamous Danaher Death Squadt also made their name with their fighters (Garry Tonon, Gordon Ryan , Eddie Cummings etc..) all using their straightjacket back attack system at the high level.

On the back position in Jiu-Jitsu, the master John Danaher says:

No other weapon in the jiu jitsu submission arsenal offers such variation in severity of application as the back/strangle combination. It can go from a mild hold-down/immobilization to a safe means of rendering an uncontrollable opponent safely unconscious; to a truly brutal elbows-to-the-back- of-the- head beatdown position to a lethal strangle in a life or death struggle. No other submission offers this mix of versatility allied with safety and high percentage success rate. As such, the back and the mata leao strangle are the most symbolic representation of jiu jitsu.

So how many different types of submissions can you get from the back? A countless amount.

BJJ and Judo black belt Shinya Aoki shows some great options from the back that will surely get you taps:


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