Serbian BJJ Community To Hold Fundraising Seminar For Charity

Serbian BJJ Community To Hold Fundraising Seminar For Charity

On Sunday, 04/02/2018 from 12h to 15h at the sport center “Šumice”, Ustanička 125/1, Belgrade, Serbia , a humanitarian BJJ seminar i will be held. The organizer of the seminar is Luka Radulović – BJJ black belt, currently living in Norway and the main instructor of the Tromso Kampsport Academy. So far, it has been confirmed that over 10 BJJ black belts from different teams as well as several brown belts will be teaching. The seminar will not have a fixed fee and will be based on the principle of how much money can be allocated by all. We especially want to thank Vladimir Popovic, who helped organize the seminar from Kuwait.

The funds will go towards helping Isidora Pavlovic, who is suffering from cancer.

The BJJ community of Serbia has again shown that it is the strongest when it is united and when it fights for the same goal, we hope that there will be more such projects in the future!

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Black Belts:
Luka Radulović – (Lutador / Tromso Kampsport)
Nemanja Aleksić (Vin – Žerjal)
Vuk Aleksić (Vin – Žerjal)
Stefan Nemanja Manojlović (CDS Novi Sad)
Danijel Brajčić (Gracie Barra Serbia)
Gile Huni (Kimura BJJ)
Mateja Valjarević lutador BJJ)
Dejan Zivkovic (lutador BJJ)
Nikola Savic (Old School BJJ)
Marko Gledić (Old School BJJ)
Jovan Milicevic (Secutor Neves)
Aleksandar Milicevic (Secutor Neves)
Dejan Tesic (Constrictor Neves)
Nenad Latinčić (Rio Grappling Club Belgrade)

Brown belts:
Milovan Miša Janjic (Caminho BJJ)
Aleksandar Stojicic (Rio Grappling Club Nis)
Miljan Zivkovic (Lutador BJJ)


More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/113564849447456/