Secrets To a World Class Reverse De La Riva by Espen Mathiesen

Secrets To a World Class Reverse De La Riva by Espen Mathiesen

The reverse De La Riva guard is a great type of guard for keeping an aggressive passing opponent at bay and under control, and eventually transitioning to various sweeps, takedowns, back takes and even submissions. I personally love to use this guard and have been doing so since around 2006 with varying levels of success. It is a great option to have for all those that like to already use the classic De La Riva guard.

Classic De La Riva guard

What is the Reverse De La Riva guard?

There are two known basic variations of the guard:

Reverse De La Riva version 1

1. The first one is what Saulo Ribeiro showed in his instructional Jiu-Jitsu Revolution with a sleeve and ankle grip with the outside hand, with the hook facing out and on his hip. Personally, I’m not as fond of this variation eventhough it can be quite a good way to block your opponent. The problem with this variation is against very powerful smashing type of guard passers (Think Xande or Saulo Ribeiro) who can break your grip on the foot and smash your hook leg.

Reverse De La Riva version 2

2. The second variation is where you are facing our opponent and your outer leg is on your opponent’s hip and pushing into him while pulling with the hook. You can also have a grip on the collar or sleeve and should always control your oppinent’s foot.

What is the Reverse De La Riva Guard Good For?

I find that this guard works well against opponents who like to pass the guard while standing or who like to work a bullfighting pass, a X Pass or Knee slice pass. The way that you are controlling the opponent with your body can really shut down his game. Even though I have been using this guard for close to 5 years already, it was only recently when I started looking at all the options available that I really started to develop it.

What can you do from the reverse De La Riva?

-You can block an opponent by maintaining him in your control.

-You can sweep either left or right

-You can can transition inward to take the back.

– You can tripod sweep your opponent.

-You can transition into an x guard, to berimbolo, to regular De La Riva.

-You pick up a leg and takedown with a single leg takedown, and even isolate a leg and go for a foot lock/kneebar.

Few key tips:

1) Protect your head from the cross-face

2) Keep your de la riva leg flexed, toes in your
partners outer thigh.

3) Use your top leg to off-balance
and control the distance.

Espen Mathiesen shows his basic foundations for controlling the reverse de la riva position. Espen breaks it down by your opponents positions.

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