Sean Strickland: “John Danaher Is A Weirdo”

Sean Strickland: “John Danaher Is A Weirdo”

Sean Strickland, UFC’s middleweight division fighter, is well-known for his trash talk.
Most recently, during the Brendan Schaub’s Food Truck Diaries podcast, Strickland “took on” the world-famous BJJ coach John Danaher:

John Danaher… Another f*cking weirdo. [He’s like] “I wear a rashguard to a wedding because it keeps me warm…”
No – you’re a f*cking weirdo and you want f*cking attention. And you’re pandering to 10th Planet f*cking dou*hebags.

To that, Schaub replied that Danaher is not a part of the 10th Planet. Strickland didn’t budge and answered:

Well yeah, but all the 10th Planet guys f*cking worship that f*cking guy. He might be a smart guy, he is a smart guy…

He comes from you Jiu-Jitsu f*cks and then he manipulates people. Like: “I wear a rashguard. I’m a f*cking weirdo.” And he creates this cult-like f*cking following. A world of clowns.

Schaub emphasized that there must be a reason behind the following that Danaher has. And Strickland gave his view on why people follow the world-renowned Jiu-Jitsu coach:

Because they’re dumb.

Schaub then argued that it’s because Danaher has revolutionized the BJJ game… But Strickland still didn’t budge:

But who the f*ck is John Danaher [anyway]? He wrote a book on Jiu-Jitsu?