Here is Why Scisor Takedowns Are Banned in BJJ & Judo

Here is Why Scisor Takedowns Are Banned in BJJ & Judo

Kani Basami aka leg scissor takedown is the most dangerous throw in Judo and BJJ.

kani basami was used to deliberately injure people especially in Japan. Before the technique was banned many high-schools/colleges in Japan sent some of their players to practise with other schools’ best players (people who were considered a threat to their best players in competition) before big competitions in order to cripple them. This kept happening over and over again, a pattern was noticed by the officials and kani-basami was banned.

The famed BJJ instructor John Danaher has noticed over the years that 90 percent of injuries in BJJ happen because of bodies falling in an uncontrolled manner.

This is why he has banned 3 techniques from his classes:

  • Guard jumping aka jumping to closed guard.
  • Scissor takedowns.
  • Tani Otoshi.

John Danaher Explains Why He Has Banned These 3 Techniques in His Classes

Kani-basami is dangerous to the knees and ankles, nothing is lost with it being banned judo and BJJ.

Stephen Kesting explains why its banned: