How To Save Your Jacked Up Fingers in BJJ

How To Save Your Jacked Up Fingers in BJJ

photo: hands of Paolo Miyao

written by Nick Chewy Albin of chewjitsu.net


Do you ever have jacked up fingers after BJJ training because you fight for grips too much?

I was this way for a long time in Brazilian Jiujitsu. With my grip fighting I would hold on to each grip with everything I had.

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Now after years of trial and error and plenty of dinged up fingers. I like to train more intelligently than that.

Now, in most cases when I’m training. If I feel my partner start to prepare to rip my grip off.

I simply let go.

Once their hand comes back within range I regain my grip.

I know this is a stupid simple piece of advice and might seen counter intuitive. Letting go of the grip.

But it’s been massively helpful for me in my Brazilian Jiujitsu training.

While I still have sore fingers or hands from time to time. For the most part I don’t experience super sore or injured fingers very often.

I even do this during BJJ competitions believe it or not.

So if you’re suffering from messed up fingers from BJJ training. Put this tip into use during your Brazilian Jiu-jitsu rolling and see if it helps.

Hope the video helps!