Saulo Ribeiro Shares His Mindset To Compete At World Championships

Saulo Ribeiro Shares His Mindset To Compete At World Championships


Saulo Ribeiro is one of the most successful competitors and jiujitsu instructors. He is now more devoted to passing his knowledge onto his students in his academy called University of jiujitsu, but he hasn’t stopped completely, as he now dominates the world masters.

Saulo shared his mindset on social networks, with 17 tips for competing at the biggest stage in Jiu-Jitsu: The World Championships:


Mindset to compete at Worlds by Saulo Ribeiro (17 tips).

1- Believe you can win

2- Control your fear and feelings

3- Arrive at the venue 2h before your fight

4- It’s not a party, be quiet and save energy

5- Go to a place you can stretching and do breathing exercises

6- Try not to think and be in a happy mood

7- Congratulate yourself for all hard work you did until there

8- Don’t punish yourself with worries or obligations to perform




9- Have fun doing this

10- Take risk and all opportunities during the fight

11- Advantages don’t count try to beat the man in front of you

12- Mr. Nice guy will lose, be relentless

13- Forget the crowd, the referee and give your 100%

14- It’s not how you start, is how you finish Strong.

15- It’s about training, preparation, opportunities and Karma.

16- It’s not fear and only one will win, learn it.


“Being a Champion is a stage of mind and has nothing to do with win medals. It’s how you face challenges and inspiring the others without loosing the enthusiasm.”