Sambo-BJJ Fusion: 4 Foot Sweeps For No Gi by Vlad Koulikov

Sambo-BJJ Fusion: 4 Foot Sweeps For No Gi by Vlad Koulikov

Coming from a bjj world the term sweep is typically interpreted as an overturn that happens while one of both opponents are ground fighting.

However coming from judo sweep usually relates to foot sweep

So how is a judo sweep different from a judo takedown?

In short sweeps are throws but throws aren’t necessarily sweeps. For a sweep to be considered a sweep the center of balance must be swept from under someone. Here we hit some common ground with bjj.

In this video, Sambo Master/BJJ & Judo Black Belt Vladislav Koulikov shows 4 effective foot sweeps for No Gi grappling:


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