Ryan Hall Believes BJJ Community Has Gone In An Odd Direction!

Ryan Hall Believes BJJ Community Has Gone In An Odd Direction!



Ryan Hall has been more present in the media since there were quite a few mixed responses to his match with Grey Maynard.

Yesterday Grey Maynard fired off a lot of critiques Ryan’s way.

“This was terrible. We didn’t give the people a good look. We didn’t give the sport a good look. I don’t want to fight that guy again. That was the most annoying bulls***.”

However being forced to stand up for himself he’s revealed several interesting tidbits – among them that he enjoys training and fighting way more in MMA these days.

Why? In Hall’s very own words:

“Jiu-Jitsu community has gone in a direction I’m not entirely comfortable with from a variety of different angles. “

When prompted to elaborate he said:

“It’s just the rulesets and the attitudes and the way people seem to be conducting themselves I’m not a big fan of. You know, I don’t like all the social media stuff. I don’t like all the trash talk nonsense. I don’t like the seeming big disconnect between truly elite competitors in jiu-jitsu and everyone else at this point. It’s turning into an instagram fan fest. It’s just not the same sport I came up in. Really for me it was always about fighting and being able to fight.”



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Ryan Hall does acknowledge that what he was doing for a time wasn’t suitable for MMA and yet…

“The understanding that really MMA is the mountain to climb was areal thing and was important for me at all times” Hall added “(That) put me on the path here where I’ve been able to walk to this point here. Fighting is, being in MMA is the realest way…”


You can listen to the entire Ryan Hall guest spot on the MMA hour below and hear how he sees the Grey Maynard Fight, responds to critics and much much more.






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