Rumor: Nicky Ryan Likely Recipient of ADCC Invite

Rumor: Nicky Ryan Likely Recipient of ADCC Invite

Early yesterday rumors started swirling about ADCC invites. The invites are famously discretionary and while they are based on some merit it’s none you can actively quantify.

The official website of the organization has a current roster at:
MALE -66 kg (Out of 16)
Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles – Brazil – (Alliance) – ADCC Worlds 2017 winner
Zaur Akhmedov – Russia – (Team Abubakarova) – 1st European Trial winner
Ethan Crelinsten – Canada – (Tristar/Renzo Gracie) – 1st North American Trial winner
MALE -77 kg (Out of 16)
JT Torres – USA – (Atos) – ADCC Worlds 2017 winner
Ross Nicholls – United Kingdom – (Roger Gracie Academy) – 1st European Trial winner
Jonathan Satava – USA – (Alliance/Marcelo Garcia) – 1st North American Trial winner
MALE -88 kg (Out of 16)
Gordon Ryan – USA (Renzo Gracie/Danaher Death Squad) – ADCC Worlds 2017 winner
Adam Wardzinski – Poland – (Checkmat International) – 1st European Trial winner
Alec Baulding – USA – (Alliance) – 1st North American Trial winner
MALE -99 kg (Out of 16)
Yuri Simoes – Brazil – (Caio Terra BJJ) – ADCC Worlds 2017 winner
Perttu Tepponen – Finland – (TJJK Tampere – Hilti BJJ) – 1st European Trial winner
Timothy-Michael Spriggs – USA – (Lloyd Irvin) – 1st North American Trial winner
Ben Hodgkinson – Australia – (Absolute MMA) – Invited
MALE +99 kg (Out of 16)
Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida – Brazil – (Checkmat) – ADCC Worlds 2017 winner
Eldar Rafigaev – Moldova – (Jungle Bjj) – 1st European Trial winner
Aaron Tex Johnson – USA – (Unity Jiu-Jitsu) – 1st North American Trial winner
FEMALE -60 kg (Out of 8)
Beatriz Mesquita – Brazil – (Gracie Humaita) – ADCC Worlds 2017 winner
FEMALE +60 kg (Out of 8)
Gabi Garcia – Brazil – (Alliance) – ADCC Worlds 2017 winner
Andre Galvao – Brazil – (Atos) – current Absolute champion
Felipe Pena – Brazil – (Gracie Barra) – ADCC Worlds 2017 Absolute champion


Currently it appears only Ben Hodgkinson of Australia has received an invite however separate sources claim that Nicky Ryan is about to get one and that he’s been alerted to it.

This is especially interesting considering the prodigy that defeated Nicky – Kennedy Maciel aka Cobrinha Jr  will have to work for his and will likely be competing at Brazilian Trials.

While Nicky Ryan is undoubtedly impressive it’s worth noting that he’s likely cherry picking his opponents since his last 2 matches were against 42 year old Imanari,  41 year old Hideo Tokoro. While both time Ryan called for big IBJJF names to match him it appears none of those matches are in the works. Are Gianni Grippo, Miyaos taking the Agazarm route and ignoring the young prodigy? 

Additionally when East Coast Trials were on separate sources from his camp claimed to us he was either injured (ankle) or had staph.

Here’s how flograppling put it:

So, the answer to “What happened to Nicky Ryan?” appears to be a little more complicated than we first thought. He was signed up but his name didn’t make it into the brackets and we were told that he had staph. at the venue however, there were conflicting stories about what prevented him from competing; an inured knee, an injured ankle– we’re still not sure. He was sat at mat side though to watch and coach his teammates. Let’s see if he comes back for West Coast Trials in February.




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