Rousimar Palheres Looking As JACKED As Ever Ahead of Match with Craig Jones

Rousimar Palheres Looking As JACKED As Ever Ahead of Match with Craig Jones

The dangerous and unpredictable Rousimar Palhares will face fellow leglocker Craig Jones at KASAI Pro 3 scheduled for Saturday, August 18.

Rousimar recently posted a picture from his training camp, and he’s looking like something out of a comic book:

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If you like leglocks, this is grappling match that will get you excited!

Craig Jones is probably the biggest name in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu right now. Whether or not he is the best is irrelevant, Craig is the newest name on the scene and has taken the BJJ community by storm. Craig came into the ADCC in 2017 in Finland and virtually nobody had heard of him. Craig had what many consider one of the best performances of the tournament. He was able to catch some of the biggest names in his division. He actually was able to submit 5x Black Belt World Champion and favorite, Leandro Lo, and he submitted Unity BJJ coach and competitor, Murilo Santana. The 26-year-old has earned submission victories over Leandro Lo, Murilo Santana, Nathan Orchard, Darrah Oconaill, Chael Sonnen, and Jake Shields. He is also know for his highly developed leg lock game.

Rousimar Palhares is a former UFC fighter who is feared because his brutal leg lock game. The 38 year old is a BJJ and Luta Livre black belt who took silver at ADCC 2011, losing to Andre Galvao in teh final.
In his last 5 MMA fights, he has lost 3 times by KO.

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Jones had this to say about the match up:

I’m confident that I’ll win but either way, I’m gonna get pretty good health insurance for that match (laughs), but uh yeah, I haven’t watched Garry Tonon trying to deal with him. I think he’s a very scary guy because you assume that whatever he gets even if you tap, you’re probably not gonna have time to not get injured. I mean he’s gonna rip that submission a little bit further than he should so it’s a it’s a very scary match in that respect but I think you saw Garry Tonon as the match progressed, his confidence increased. That’s why I respect so much back Gary and he’ll just still roll himself into the fire no matter who it is, you know what I mean? His mindset is so valuable to his game in that respect.
Like he faced Palhares, he just threw himself into the fire. Palhares was going after his leg and Gary was still getting the better of the exchanges and I think he injured Palahares pretty badly in that match.

But yeah oh that would be a huge studying point for this to see how he avoided the outside heelhook. What I think’s interesting is the outside he’ll hook is much more valuable for MMA because when you apply it from bottom you turn your opponent away from you so it’s harder to strike but the downside to the outside heel hook is usually it’s way harder to get a submission on a guy they’re not gonna tap they’ll take a few pops where the inside he’ll hook is a much more devastating submission but for MMA it’s much scary. You want to go for it because your point is still gonna be facing it so I think that’s that’s the catch-22 with his game is. I think it’s harder to avoid the outside heel hook but it’s also like I said harder to finish so I could be interesting match because I played Z guard so I leave my my foot right on the hip staff so we’ll see.

Jones also revealed that he started learning heel hooks after seeing what Palhares did to his opponents in ADCC 2011.

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