Round Up Of Funniest Cases Of fraudulent Belt Promotions

Round Up Of Funniest Cases Of fraudulent Belt Promotions

Through the years many cases of self promoted jiu jiteiros were outed. While some excused themselves saying it was japanese jiu jitsu, a discipline they made out some outright owned it. Such was the case with BJJ purple belt Joe McCaffery  became widely known few days ago when the video of him promoting himself to brown belt and talking a big game went viral. The videos can still be seen here in spite of him taking them down:


This comes with a complete self entitled rant. Sadly for him he subsequently got fired.

Then of course there’s:

the 35 year old red belt – which isn’t even technically possible.

Of course there’s also the instant classic:

Jay Queiroz of Team Jay Queiroz Martial Arts in Marlboro, NY was claiming to be an “IBJJF recognized Blackbelt” under the world famous GFTEAM. He was exposed last year by BJJ Brown belt Mike Palladino and his students.

In this video, the busted Fraud Jay Queiroz of Jay Queiroz Martial Arts in Marlboro, NY presents us with 10 minutes of some of the worst techniques ever displayed on film. I feel bad for the students who he handed out belts to.


When Jay Queiroz was exposed:


Then there was the case of an alleged Wallid Ismael black belt David Lang

Then of course there’s Gilberto Pauciullo, 10th Degree Black Belt Master In ‘Mexed Martial Arts’

Kevin ‘Cowboy’ Killian is an MMA fighter (3-1 record) confronted alleged fake black belt Omar Serrano as he was teaching a beginner’s BJJ class in a Karate gym.

3 years ago, Serrano, was a purple belt and was training in a MMA/BJJ in gym (OC Fight Club) that was harbouring an assistant boxing coach that is a Tier III sex offender.

When the BJJ program was disbanded as OS Fight Club, Serrano dissapeard for three years and resurfaced in March 2016 when he started teaching BJJ at Chesapeake Martial arts, a small Karate Gym. Killian claims that Serrano bought a black belt for 1,600$ from Rogerio”Tatu” Taborda, whim he said was openly selling belts to his students. Tatu has also trained with the infamous David Lang (one of the most infamous cases of black belt frauds). Lang was wearing his fake 3rd degree black belt while training with Tatu (see pic below).

You can read more about it here.


Then there’s Fake Judo 8th dan & BJJ Coral Belt Rudy Rodriguez