Romulo Barral: “When I Have A Competition, My Personality Changes”

Romulo Barral: “When I Have A Competition, My Personality Changes”

For anyone who trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, they understand how important it is to be on the mats.
They understand that training is a vital component of a great day.

And it’s no different for Romulo Barral. The elite athlete and coach is always on the mats, always training and coaching:

It’s just like, training every day is making me alive. It’s making me young, you know?

It’s very hard to actually put into words you know, because like, I finish training and I’m already thinking about the next day.

I’m thinking about: “How can I get better? How can I improve? How can I give it back to my students? How can I learn something new?”

However, training for competition feels different for Barral.
And that, actually, is one of the reasons why he doesn’t compete as often anymore:

A competition, it builds up a lot of pressure.

You wanna be better, you wanna be better [than] the other people. You wanna be the best version of you every day.
That builds [you up]. [But] also it can build a lot of toxins, you know? Like you’re a different person.

I’m a different person when I’m competing. It was actually very hard for me to be a competitor and be a father and be a husband.

One of the main reasons I do less competitions is because when I have a competition my personality changes.
I’m quieter, I don’t talk so much, I’m always thinking about competing, the fight, I always wanna do things for myself.

It’s selfish, being a competitor is selfish.

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