Roger Gracie Shows Two Razor Sharp Finishes From Closed Guard

Roger Gracie Shows Two Razor Sharp Finishes From Closed Guard

Roger Gracie has long been one of the most respected competitors of contemporary bjj. The Gracie family veteran has asserted his dominance again and again in various situations – most recently having faced powerhouse Marcus Buchecha at Gracie Pro in the Gi – and choked him.


Strong basics have always been an incremental part of Gracie’s game which is why you’ll come to love the 2 finishes he shows in the clip below.

Gracie, 37, is showing here two impeccable finishes.  First he shows a detail for easily setting up the cross-choke — lassoing your opponent’s arm first. And in case your opponent defends their collar, Roger has a tip to catch them in a triangle as a plan B.

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