Roger Gracie: ‘Jacare The Toughest Opponent I’ve Faced In BJJ’

Roger Gracie: ‘Jacare The Toughest Opponent I’ve Faced In BJJ’



Photo: GracieMag


Ten times world champion of Jiu-Jitsu, Roger Gracie has recently announced his return to BJJ competition:

“What I love the most is train and compete with the gi and I am going back to doing that. I almost entered the 2014 Worlds. I’m not done quite yet!”

Roger confirmed that he should comeback to competing before the 2015 Worlds:

“I don’t want to wait a whole year. I want to go back before that.”


During his amazing career, he has faced big names of the sport on the mat. The fighter, who has recently been more dedicated to MMA than BJJ, does not forget the toughest battles of his career.


He told Tatame who are the top 5 toughest opponents that he has competed against:

1 – Ronaldo Jacare –

“He competed little in Jiu-Jitsu, retired early, but at that time that he competed, he was my toughest opponent. Every fight was always a sacrifice. ”


2 – Xande Ribeiro –

“I put Xande slightly below Jacare. We fought eight times and I won five. Every time I lost, it was for wanting to exchange standing, insisted of pulling guard. It was my stubbornness, because I won every time when I pulled guard.”

3 – Romulo Barral –

“We fought two finals, and it we were supposed to have fought the third, but he got hurt. He’s a very tough guy. ”

4 – Ricardo Demente –

“I had two fights with him in the finals at weight in 2009 where I submitted him. In 2010, I won by points. He is strong and explosive. ”

5 – Marcelo Garcia –

“I had two fights with him where I won by one point and another where I took his back. He is very technical, much lighter and could still create leverage.