Roger Gracie: “Cross Collar Choke From The Mount Is The Most Dominant Submission In BJJ”

Roger Gracie: “Cross Collar Choke From The Mount Is The Most Dominant Submission In BJJ”

Most Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes and coaches would argue that the most dominant position in Jiu-Jitsu is the back control. And that, subsequently, the most dominant submission is the Rear Naked Choke… Except Roger Gracie.

For Roger, the most dominant submission is the Cross Collar Choke from the Mount. And it’s superior to the Rear Naked Choke.
Why? He explained in a recent Lex Fridman Podcast episode:

Because, the Cross Collar Choke from the Mount, the moment you put both hands on my neck… Your arms need to be very close to your body to attack. And that means that there’s very little space between us.
So, that means that there’s very little space for you to work on your escape.

And the moment you cannot bridge – supposing that the person has a good Mount, so you cannot bridge him off… What else are you gonna do?
You don’t have space to work on your defense.

When someone takes Roger’s back, on the other hand, he feels that he has more defensive options:

Meaning, in the back, I have all of this space around me [around his head] to work on my defense.
And my arms, I have the ability to bring them anywhere. So, because of that it gives me a much better chance [for an escape rather than from the Mount].

Additionally, Roger explains that you’re pinned while mounted. Unlike when someone controls your back:

If you’re on my back, you cannot pin me. I cannot take you off my back, because first I have to defend my choke… But you have no control over my body.
So, that means that there is a lot of movement that I can try to use to escape.

In the Mount, there’s no movement. I am pinned down, I cannot move, and there’s no room between us that I can use to escape.

The perfect cross choke from mount by Roger Gracie:

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