Robert Downey Jr. supports Brian Ortega’s Jiu-Jitsu foundation

Robert Downey Jr. supports Brian Ortega’s Jiu-Jitsu foundation



After his latest victory Brian Ortega announced a unique deal – He will be sponsoring some kids in Gracie University academies:

The official Gracie University page released the following information:

 The T-city Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship for one year of training at any Certified Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Training Center in the world, including Gracie University Headquarters where Brian Ortega trains and teaches. Although we intend to broaden the scope of the scholarship in the future, for now a child must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for the T-city Scholarship:

Must be between 6 to 16 years of age
Must live near a Certified Training Center (CTC)
Must have means of transportation to the CTC (car, bus, bike, etc.)

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Now it appears as though Ortega has a significant supporter in none other than Ironman – Robert Downey Jr.


As you can see above in Downey’s message, he will kick back some proceeds of his Random Act Funding organization — which this year focuses on collecting donations for ROHHAD Association — to Brian’s foundation.

Interestingly Downey himself is considered a fan of martial arts – he credits wing chun for helping him stay sober.

Downey Jr. has long had a fruitful relationship with bjj black belt and famed director Guy Ritchie so it’s safe to say he’s on board with the cause!