Robert Degle Shares 2 Tips For Remembering BJJ Moves More Easily

Robert Degle Shares 2 Tips For Remembering BJJ Moves More Easily

Remembering moves in Jiu-Jitsu can be surprisingly difficult. You learn something new every class and, often times (especially if your BJJ academy doesn’t have a curriculum), there isn’t enough time for drilling them nor for using them in positional sparring and rolling sessions.
Robert “Degle” Diggle understands this issue well:

At times it can seem impossible to remember all the things you have to learn in Jiu-Jitsu.

Here are some thoughts on dealing with large quantities of information: in time with organized study what was once unintelligible chaos can become rationally understood.
The key to this is to break down the seemingly random jumble of phenomena in front of you into clearly defined and segmented categories according to observable patterns.

He shared 3 tips for remembering and learning techniques with more ease:

1) Name positions in a way that is easy to remember and which conveys what matters about the position.
2) Seek out observable patterns in rolls and matches demonstrating the plausibility of different strategies.

After enough time doing this the significant features of your work will reveal themselves to you and progress can be made.
Most people hope that instinct will kick in and enable them to grow. Sometimes that works but sometimes it doesn’t. To maximize your odds of success start to work in an organized way seeking to recognize and categorize patterns.