Rivals on the Mat: Roger Gracie & Marcus Buchecha Epic Seminar at Frota Academy, Zurich

Rivals on the Mat: Roger Gracie & Marcus Buchecha Epic Seminar at Frota Academy, Zurich

Prepare for an unparalleled Jiu-Jitsu experience as two of the sport’s greatest champions, Roger Gracie and Marcus Buchecha, join forces for an exclusive seminar at Frota Academy in Zurich, Switzerland. Both legends, with a combined total of 23 black belt world championships, will set aside their rivalry to share their expertise in a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Event Details:

  • Date: June 27th 2024
  • Time: 13:00
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Location: Frota Academy, Badenerstrasse 434, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Price: CHF 600 (Limited to 30 participants)
  • Dress Code: White Gi only (Rental Gis available)
  • Extras: Beverages and snacks provided
  • Media: Event will be recorded by a professional media team

About the Champions: Roger Gracie, a 10-time black belt world champion, and Marcus Buchecha, a 13-time black belt world champion, have faced each other twice in their illustrious careers. Their matches at Metamoris in 2012 and Gracie Pro in 2017 resulted in a draw and a submission win for Roger, respectively. Despite their competitive history, they are coming together to deliver an unforgettable seminar.

Organizer: The seminar is organized by Augusto Frota, the president of the Swiss BJJ Federation and a key figure in the global BJJ/MMA community. Frota’s influence and dedication to the sport have brought these two legends together for this unique event.

Lo, Buchecha, Rodolfo Vieira, and Frota at their seminar in Ibiza.

Registration: To secure your spot, please complete the payment process. Details will be provided upon initial contact. Spots are limited to ensure an intimate and high-quality learning experience.

Important Notes:

  • The gym will be closed to visitors during the seminar.
  • This event is a significant moment in BJJ history; attendees are encouraged to appreciate the presence of media coverage.
  • Prepare to learn the secrets that have made Roger and Buchecha icons in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Don’t miss the chance to train with the best. Reserve your place today and be part of Jiu-Jitsu history!