Rickson Gracie Shows His BJJ Solo Drill Routine That You Should Do EVERYDAY

Rickson Gracie Shows His BJJ Solo Drill Routine That You Should Do EVERYDAY

When there isn’t a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu school nearby you or when your academy is closed because of the Coronavirus pandemic, you always have the option to do solo drills at home. They are trul beneficial for supplemental BJJ training.

BJJ legend Rickson Gracie is known for his incredible agility and impeccable healthy lifestyle. Rickson just made an incredible video where he shows his solo drill routine.

When it comes to BJJ solo drills, there are so many that you can do. In order to improve your BJJ specific muscle memory, balance, conditioning and coordination, these are some essential and easy drills that every BJJ practitioner should do on a daily basis.

Try to do at least a hundred repetitions of each drill several times a week so that it can become muscle memory when you roll on the mat.

We recommend that you do each drill for 30-45 seconds a piece. Then you can transition to the next drill with no rest. You can do this for a full cycle through and repeat for 2-3 rounds.

You will get in great shape, sweat, burn fat and will develop an amazing improvement in your grappling movement.


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This is an awesome video from the movie CHOKE of Rickson Gracie working out at the beach just doing different movements while combining breath work.  Very fun and low impact training!

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