Review: Fuji Sekai 2.0 BJJ Gi

Review: Fuji Sekai 2.0 BJJ Gi

Fuji is a brand that has been around for a long time. They sponsor important BJJ stars such Travis Stevens, Xande Ribeiro and the up and coming Rayron Gracie. In recent years, Fuji has taken off and become one of the most popular brands in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They have a great series of BJJ Gis with fresh designs. The people at Fuji sent me a cool Fuji Sekai and now I have tested it in battle.

I went to my academy to try it out and here are my thoughts.

The gi is light. It’s only 1,8 kg for an A3 and that’s perfect for competition where every gram matters. FUJI SEKAI 2.0 is FUJI’s #1 rated jiu-jitsu competition uniform featuring a tapered jiu-jitsu cut, rugged hard-to-grip collar, and lightweight triple reinforced rip stop pants. The SEKAI is the gi choice of World Champion Xande Ribiero, and countless other fierce competitors. Climb to the top of the podium in the SEKAI which means “World” in Japanese. The design is simple, yet cool and I really like it. Its not too much but just right. The design leaves space for your team patches if you want to put them on.


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The thing that really stands out after training in the gi were the pants. The pants fit very well, but more importantly, I did not have to adjust the strings that tie them. Normally on my other gis I will re-tie the strings of the pants a couple of times during a session but I did not have to do this at all wearing the Sekai pants.

Although I really like this gi the question is how much will I be training in it. From now on, my Koral light gis are getting replaced as competition gis with the Fuji Sekai. Next time you see me competing I will be in my Fuji Sekai. This Gi is my new competition gi!



  • Lightweight 450g Pearl Weave Gi Jacket
  • Triple Reinforced Rip Stop Pants with Bungee Drawstring
  • Stiff collar with extra rows of stitching


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The gi retails for around 169$ on Fuji.

This gi is well made with attention to details. It is light, yet strong. As a self proclaimed Koral lover, I have to admit that Fuji Sekai definitely give them competition; this gi is 9 out of 10 and it doesn’t get much better than this.