Retired Minotauro Nogueira Shows Off His New Restaurant & ‘Minotauro Steak’

Retired Minotauro Nogueira Shows Off His New Restaurant & ‘Minotauro Steak’

Life after an MMA career can be tough for many fighters. Going from the huge adrenaline rush of fighting in front of a huge crowd to being somebody that the new generation doesn’t always recognize, can be tough.

MMA legend Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, better known as Minotauro runs a few businesses now that he’s retired from MMA.

He co-owns a Rio De Janeiro restaurant called ‘Chez Heaven’ with his girlfriend, famous Brazilian chef Heaven Delhaye. Minotauro even has a steak named after him!

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Here he gives a tour of the restaurant and shows the Minotauro steak!

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