Renzo vs Walid Is Official – However It Won’t Be At ONE

Renzo vs Walid Is Official – However It Won’t Be At ONE

Renzo Gracie has been shaking the mma world with his return at the ripe old age of 51. The Gracie family legend wasn’t the one to back down from a challenge even though Wallid initially backed out of their duel being at ONE.

Graciemag got in touch with Gracie:

 “A month before or a month after March 31, because I fight in Japan,” said Renzo.

It’s also unclear where exactly. While Renzo has a deal over at ONE, Wallid Ismail is an exec of the Brazilian located Junglefight.

Announcement came via Ismail’s instagram:

This is the full version of the video:

Back when they were brown belts, Wallid Gracie had a famous duel with Ralph Gracie at the Copa Rio Sport Center, with Ismail winning a referee decision. In 1993, Wallid scored another victory over a Gracie when he defeated Renzo Gracie.

What you might not know is that Wallid Ismail and Renzo Gracie engaged in a social media war recently.

Brazilian website Combate produced a documentary about the 10-year anniversary of Ryan Gracie’s death, and members of the Gracie family were upset with comments made by Ismail, Hugo Duarte and Eugenio Tadeu.

Ismail was known to have had a huge beef with Ryan Gracie.

It started in December 1999, when Ismail and Gracie challenged each other and had a shouting exchange in a beach in Rio de Janeiro. In October 2000, Ryan tried to attack Wallid from behind in a party, after which Wallid turned around a choked Gracie unconscious with a guillotine choke. Ryan agreed to fight Wallid at mixed martial arts match at World Extreme Cagefighting in January 2000; however, Ryan dropped out of the event, and instead proposed fighting in April 2001, but he had to drop again after being arrested for stabbing a man in a bar fight. Source wiki.

“They don’t know what respect is, so they will learn the tough way,” Renzo Gracie told MMA Fighting about why he decided to call Ismail out. “I want to beat him up. I’ll go after him and catch him in any corner. Just like that. And I’m being gentle.”

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