Renzo Shows A Simple Escape To The Infamous ‘Bas Rutten Neck Crank’

Renzo Shows A Simple Escape To The Infamous ‘Bas Rutten Neck Crank’

In the late 90’s Bas Rutten was fighting Pancrace in Japan and he was famous for one move: the ‘Bas Rutten’ neck crank.

It’s a simple move that consists of conyroling your opponent in kesa gatame/scarf hold but instead of just holding and arm, you reach for the near leg and squeeze for dear life.

The pressure is tremendous and since your hand are holding on to your thighs, you are using the strength and your arm and legs at the same time to squeeze your opponent is squeezed in like a pretzel. They have no other than to tap or face a broken neck.

Here is Bas Rutten successful with this move in Pancrace:

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Now most people would think that the only way to escape this move is to tap, but just like everything inn Jiu-Jitsu, there is always an escape even when it feels like it’s too late.

Master Renzo Gracie was recently asked by one of the attendees of his seminar, how to escape the Basrutten neck crank and he was more than happy to show the escape.

He explain that you need to extend your leg a little bit to alleviate the pressure and then extend your head and peel off the arm and then you are out and have an ideal crucifix position:

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