Renzo Gracie’s Drill Will Give You The Smoothest Armbar Ever

Renzo Gracie’s Drill Will Give You The Smoothest Armbar Ever

Check out Renzo Gracie’s drill that if done many times will make you develop an incredibly smooth armbar. This is an extremely simple drill, but it has to be drilled to exhaustion.

When you reach the mount, one of the most common reactions by an opponent is to extend one arm to push your torso, in order to find space to escape. It’s important to know that and have a riposte ready to go, as Renzo teaches here. Renzo splits the armbar attack into three parts. Repeat each stage many times in a progressive manner and let it flow at training.

Key points that Renzo stresses:

  • Use your hands to transfer your weight forward and as launch pad to stand up in a squatting position.
  • Make sure that your hip is behind the elbow.
  • Once you get the 3 step move right, go straigth into the armbar in 1 step.


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